About US

IBC Advanced Alloys develops and manufactures beryllium copper, chrome zirconium copper, chromium copper alloys, nickel aluminum bronze, copper rod, and other alloys of copper.

IBC Advanced Alloys is a main maker and designer of cutting edge combinations for the worldwide market with an attention on claim to fame copper composites and elite beryllium aluminum castings. IBC's built arrangements are fundamental for some high innovation items utilized as a part of an expansive scope of market segments including atomic power, car, oil and gas, hardware and aviation. Supplementing the Company's assembling tasks are R&D projects and characteristic asset activities concentrated on upgrading and supporting IBC developing US fabricating base.

IBC Engineered Materials Corporation ("IBC EMC"), a completely claimed auxiliary of IBC Advanced Alloys Corp., situated in Wilmington MA, has a group of beryllium aluminum compounds that defeats the constraints of unadulterated beryllium and existing aluminum amalgams, while holding the advantages of the two metals.