Beryllium Copper Alloys by IBC Advanced Alloys



Copper Alloys

IBC Advanced Alloys Copper Division manufacturers and distributes a wide variety of copper alloys as castings and forgings: beryllium copper, chrome copper and aluminum bronze in plate, block, bar, rings; and specialty copper alloy forgings for plastic mold tooling and resistance welding applications.

Beralcast® Alloys (BeAl Alloys)

IBC Engineered Materials Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBC Advanced Alloys Corp, has a family of beryllium aluminum alloys that overcomes the limitations of pure beryllium and existing aluminum alloys, while retaining the benefits of the two metals.

Environmental Health and Safety

IBC Advanced Alloys is committed to operating with the highest EH&S standards, to ensure the protection of our employees, society, and the environment.