Beryllium Copper Alloys by IBC Advanced Alloys



C71500 - Copper Nickel 30%

Description: C71500 - Copper Nickel 30% is used for its corrosion resistant properties.

Condensers, Boiler Parts, Heat Exchanger Components, Condenser Components, Process Equipment, Refrigerators, Propeller Sleeves, Ferrules, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Evaporator Tubes, Distiller Tubes, Condenser Plates, Weld Wire, Flexible Metal Hose, Pump Impellers, Welding Backing Rings, Valve Bodies, Sea Water Service, Sea Water Condensers, Salt Water Pipe Fittings, Water Boxes - Salt Water Applications, Salt Water Flanges, Salt Water Piping, Pump Bodies and Internal Parts-Sea Water, Fittings

Forms Supplied:
Rings, Discs, Bars, Rods and Plates

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