Beryllium Copper Alloys by IBC Advanced Alloys



C10800 - Oxygen Free Copper with Phosphorus


C10800 - Oxygen Free Copper with Phosphorus is used mainly for casting molds and other applications where hydrogen atmosphere is encountered.

Air Lines, Oil Coolers, Thermostats, Gasoline Lines, Hydraulic Lines, Oil Lines , Plumbing Pipe, Oil Burner Tubes, Plumbing Tube, Heater Units, Heater Lines, Gas Lines and Units, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Commutators, Thermostatic Control Tubing, Clad Products, Plate for Welded Continuous Cast Molds, Tanks, Gage Lines, Rotating Bands, Air Conditioning Tubing, Refrigerators, Brewery Tubes, Condenser Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes, Dairy Tubes, Distiller Tubes, Kettles, Pulp Lines, Paper Lines, Steam Lines, Water Lines, Plumbing Fittings

Forms Supplied:
Rings, Discs, Bars, Rods and Plates

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