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Oil and Gas Industry

With oil prices only starting to recover from the sharp decline of late 2008, the oil and gas industry faces a trying time. The combination of reduced revenue with increased environmental focus and regulations mean that the industry faces increasing costs while needing to minimize overhead in order to keep operations profitable.

Applications of Beryllium Copper Alloys in the Oil and Gas Industry

Beryllium copper high strength wrought alloy (C17200), in a fully age hardened condition, attains tensile strength properties in the 200 ksi range with a Rockwell C45 peak hardness. This strength/hardness combination is the highest available when compared to any of the other copper based alloys. In industrial oil and gas applications beryllium copper alloys provide critical components with important performance characteristics: non-sparking/non-magnetic, superior wear and anti-galling properties, high hardness and strength, high fatigue strength and toughness, plus good corrosion resistance. 

Beryllium copper alloys often provide the necessary high component reliability coupled with significant performance benefits in the harsh unforgiving operational environments. The oil and gas industry specifies beryllium copper wrought alloy products for a variety of exploration, drill string, and instrumentation equipment applications (drill collars, saver subs, wear surfaces, couplers, bushings, bearings, and MWD instrument housings).