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Newsletter - October 4, 2010

Greetings from IBC! What a summer it has been. Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy a holiday or some relaxing family time and take a break from the continuous, and often contradictory, information flow about the state of our economy. Whatever you did for the summer, policy makers, bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, and around the world, have been busy either implementing stimulus spending or rallying against it.

But where are we now? After billions of dollars in bank bail outs, billions of dollars more in stimulus spending and trillions of dollars in new federal debt there is still widespread discussion about the effects of all this government support and whether or not it is working. One of the criticisms, apart from the unprecedented debt loads being taken on by governments, is that with the size of the stimulus spending the economy should be experiencing more robust growth, more job creation and stronger consumer and corporate spending.

From IBC's perspective the indicators are positive. Our manufacturing operations are seeing a steady improvement in customer ordering and new customer growth. Confidence is slowly returning, in spite of weaker than expected recent economic data, and the general consensus is that jobs growth and economic recovery will continue, albeit more gradually than everyone would like. There is still concern about another wave of mortgage defaults and sovereign debt cracks exposing weakness in the financial system and affecting global markets. However we're seeing a more proactive stance from government and industry which will hopefully mean fewer, and less severe, bumps along the road to a full economic recovery.

IBC continues to focus on building new customer relationships and has a seen a steady stream of new interest and inquiries, especially from overseas. This is due to both favorable currency rates and more active international business development initiatives including trade shows and customer meetings. In October 2010, IBC will be attending the important Association of the United States Army meeting and exhibition being held in Washington D.C. IBC will be working closely with our D.C.-based business development firm, Command Strategies, to maximize the opportunities at this show. Also, from December 1-4, 2010, IBC will be attending EuroMold, the world-wide leading trade fair for mold-making and tooling held in Germany. We look forward to seeing you there!

On other fronts, the Beralcast division of IBC continues to attract very exciting opportunities. To take advantage of this market the Company is moving into larger and more modern premises with an expected move towards the end of the year. Beralcast is an excellent example of IBC's commitment to advanced materials and modern alloys. I recently attended a Modern Energy forum in Denver where the focus was on next generation transportation but with a particular emphasis on materials. The overwhelming message was that for electric automobiles, modern aircraft and all forms of future transportation, advanced materials and high performance alloys will play a central and critical role. Materials cost will continue to be a factor but far more important will be materials performance with light weight, strength and durability being paramount.

IBC is working closely with its customers to provide a comprehensive range of advanced materials and high performance alloys, but is also helping to develop product solutions to meet a wide range of demanding customer requirements. Our commitment is to customer focused solutions and long term relationships. We look forward to working more closely with you and to growing our businesses together.

Anthony Dutton
President and CEO

Ideas and Innovation at IBC 
IBC and Albromet to Present at EuroMold 2010
IBC Advanced Alloys is continually seeking strategic and beneficial partnerships with manufacturers and distributors to provide our customers with the appropriate selection of advanced specialty alloys. Recently, we partnered with Albromet Handelsgesellschaft mbH ("Albromet"), a German distributor high quality copper, aluminum bronze and other advanced alloys for the distribution of our products in Germany.

IBC and Albromet will be co-hosting a booth at the 17th annual EuroMold conference, which is taking place from December 1-4, 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany. EuroMold is the premiere trade fair for moldmaking and tooling, focusing on the design and application development within these industries, with approximately 1,500 exhibitors and 60,000 trade visitors expected this year. The trade show will provide an opportunity for IBC and Albromet to present our products and services to those customers in an innovative and specialized industry and approach new consumers in the European marketplace.

EuroMold's agenda is to "present products and services, technology and ideas for tomorrow's markets". We plan to showcase our ThermalMouldTM alloys, aluminium bronze, copper beryllium and copper nickel silicon products, emphasizing our innovative and functional alloys available at competitive prices. We are focused on manufacturing well-designed and efficient products that are available for a host of applications specific to the moldmaking and tooling industry and beyond.

If you plan on attending EuroMold this year, visit representatives from both IBC and Albromet at our booth for more information on how IBC's range of products can better serve your industry.

Advancements in Hydrogen Storage Technology
Research and development of innovative products and advanced technologies is at the forefront of IBC's integrated business plan. We have recently joined Hydrogen Link Inc., a leading materials research company focused on hydrogen storage and fuel cell technologies, in a combined effort to research and implement the use of lithium beryllium hydrides and other advanced metal hydrides for the storage of hydrogen.

Hydrogen fuel cells can be used in a variety of applications including cell phones, electric cars, power distribution and storage, in conjunction with green power generation such as wind and solar. We believe Hydrogen Link's resourceful solutions for the challenges of hydrogen technology will lead the way in the developing market for for energy-efficient hydrogen storage and fuel cell infrastructure. IBC is committed to promoting emerging technologies, with a view to more sustainable and efficient sectors, by incorporating our advanced materials and alloys.

Please watch our company news releases for more information on this and other ongoing R&D projects.

High Performance Alloys - The Choice is Yours
IBC has consistently delivered high quality products globally from our US-based manufacturing facilities. One observation over our years of experience is that customers often require unique and customized products. We also recognize the numerous applications for our beryllium-copper and specialty alloys, in a wide variety of industries that require innovative thinking. IBC places the needs of the customer first, and by listening we are able to provide solutions, while learning at the same time.

Customers buy our products in more than 40 countries and on every continent - and we work assiduously to meet our delivery and lead times. Our key distributor partnerships enable our products to be stocked and sold in every locale, with communication in the customer's preferred language.

In many instances, our customers face certain technical problems that require alternate products or other solutions. We are committed to working with our customers and distributor partners to provide additional support. Recently a large Chinese moldmaker used Thermal-Mould 172HH to build core and cavity inserts for a 40" LCD HDTV mold. The resulting plastic parts have much better dimensional control and aesthetic quality than previous molds using all steel cores and cavities.

Our Thermal-Mould family of advanced copper mold materials includes forged high strength beryllium copper, copper nickel silicon, and aluminium bronze, all of which are available in a broad range of shapes, sizes and custom designs for molders and tool makers. Thermal-Mould Super has proved that our proprietary product is critical when addressing a need for high strength, high thermal conductivity and hardness. We've also made recommendations and offered design assistance for alternate products in non-traditional shapes and sizes used in such industries as aerospace, automotive, welding, oil and gas, and consumer products.

If you are looking for a specific product or a solution for any your specialty alloy predicaments, contact our sales team.

Beralcast® Corporation
Since IBC acquired Beralcast® Corporation earlier this year, we have been working extremely hard to supply our proprietary patented castable beryllium alloys with greater efficiency, while simultaneously expanding the capacity of the business to better serve a large and growing customer base.

To better position itself for growth, IBC Beralcast® signed a lease to relocate to a new facility in Wilmington, Massachusetts and will begin the move this month. The new premise includes approximately 63,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space and is located in an established industrial business park where IBC Beralcast® will have some high profile neighbours including L3 Communications, Ahura Scientific, Verizon Wireless and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. The new facility allows for expansion, if needed, as we focus on meeting the demand for our Beralcast® alloys in applications that require very lightweight and stiff, dimensionally stable and workable materials. We are currently working to introduce Beralcast® alloys for certain military and defense applications and look forward to keeping you up to date on our progress.

IBC considers the relocation the beginning of a new phase in the business of IBC Beralcast®. The new facility is a significant improvement from the previous plant in terms of production efficiency, manufacturing capabilities and health and safety. Combined with planned custom improvements to the facility, we'll be able to maximize production in an effective and efficient manner leading to higher volumes and satisfy customer demand.


IBC Attending AUSA Annual Exposition
IBC will be attending the Association of the United States Army's ("AUSA" 2010 Annual Meeting and Exposition, from October 25-27, 2010, in Washington D.C. The yearly conference provides an educational forum for the United States Army to discuss the enhancement and advancement of soldier professional development and to present an information-sharing platform to communicate its key ideas.

This conference also serves as a symposium with an introduction to the inner workings of the services, programs and initiatives of the United States Army, with a focus on increasing public support and planning for the Army's future. In addition to its wider support role, AUSA also provides an opportunity for suppliers to exhibit their products and to build relationships with military procurement officials.

IBC is working closely with Command Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based business development consulting firm to identify R&D and supply opportunities for its range of beryllium-aluminum and other beryllium based advanced materials. IBC is committed to supporting the military and defense sectors with its range of high performance products which are ideally suited to demanding military applications. Please let us know if you will be attending the show so that we can arrange an opportunity to meet.

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