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Beryllium Nickel Casting Alloys

Beryllium nickel casting alloys are characterized by their steel-like high strength, toughness, and hardness properties. However, unlike the steel alloys, the beryllium nickel alloy system offers these properties with the additional benefit of superior thermal conductivity. Beryllium nickel casting alloys are notable for their high resistance to wear, thermal shock, and corrosion even at elevated temperatures in the range of 1000o F.

Freedom Alloys produces a very clean high purity-high strength BeNi beryllium nickel casting alloy. This material is specially produced utilizing pure metallic vacuum cast beryllium and ultra pure nickel to enhance metal fluidity and cast-ability. Freedom Alloys’ FA 230 High Strength BeNi Casting Alloy is particularly effective for high reliability-high durability investment cast or     ceramic shell cast (Shaw process) mold tooling components that require consistent excellent replication of highly refined and intricate casting details.




Physical Data: Beryllium Nickel Casting Alloys