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Nuclear Fuels Advisory Board

 IBC has created a Nuclear Fuels Advisory Board to assist in developing and implementing a long term strategic plan to commercialize the nuclear fuel technology currently being developed by Purdue and Texas A&M Universities in partnership with IBC.

Dr. Alvin Solomon

Dr. Alvin Solomon, Professor Emeritus at Purdue University's School of Nuclear Engineering, was appointed to IBC's Nuclear Fuels Advisory Board in February 2009. He is a highly respected international authority on nuclear fuels and the leading international expert on high thermal conductivity uranium oxide / beryllium oxide (UO2 -- BeO) nuclear fuels specifically. His academic career includes undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Illinois followed by a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Stanford University. After spending five years at Argonne National Laboratory on nuclear fuels research, Dr. Solomon joined the faculty of Nuclear Engineering at Purdue University in 1974. Over the past 20 years Dr. Solomon has also been periodically involved in sabbatical research based in France.

Dr. Solomon is widely published in a range of highly respected peer-reviewed scientific journals where his work has been acknowledged as having important economic and safely implications for the future of the nuclear industry. His numerous achievements in nuclear materials developments and applications include being appointed a member of the American Nuclear Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sigma Xi, National Institute of Ceramic Engineers, National Association of Corrosion Engineers and being elected a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. In 1996 he was awarded "Best Paper of 1996" by the American Nuclear Society.


Joel Gingold


Mr. Joel Gingold, an independent nuclear fuel consultant, was appointed to IBC's Nuclear Fuels Advisory Board in July 2009. Mr. Gingold has an extensive background in nuclear fuel design issues, fuel procurement, quality assurance and nuclear fuel performance. He has worked on nuclear fuel related assignments for numerous major utilities, utility organizations and government agencies in the U.S., Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Mr. Gingold retired as vice president and general manager of Stoller Nuclear Fuel Division of NAC International in 2005, where he was involved in nuclear fuel fabrication and fuel performance. Prior to NAC's acquisition of Stoller Nuclear Fuel in 1997, Mr. Gingold served as vice president of Stoller Corporation, manager of its Nuclear Fuel Division and on the board of directors. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and graduated from the U.S. Navy Advanced Nuclear Power School. He has authored numerous papers and articles on all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including utilization of high burn-up and MOX fuel and on the factors affecting the reliability of nuclear fuel. He currently works as a consultant with a variety of nuclear industry participants including the UxC Consulting Company.

James Malone


Mr. James Malone has more than 40 years of experience in the nuclear power industry, with a focus on the technical, economic and planning aspects of nuclear fuels. He is formerly Vice President, Nuclear Fuels for Exelon Generation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Exelon Corp, where he was responsible for their nuclear fuel cycle activities, including procurement, safeguards, economics, and fuel cycle cost. He is a director of Hathor Exploration Limited (HAT -- TSX.V). Mr. Malone began his career as an engineer in the utility reactor core analysis section of the nuclear engineering department of United Nuclear Corporation. Prior to his position with Exelon, Mr. Malone was a vice president at NAC International where he participated in fuel cycle consulting including fuel reliability via NAC's Stoller Nuclear Fuel Division. Mr. Malone graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering (nuclear) from Manhattan College and received an MBA from Iona College in New York, with a Graduate School of Business Award for Academic Excellence.